All orders from are sent to our customers by cargo. There are a few things to consider when delivering your order.

How should I receive the cargo package?
Because the cargo company competes with time, he wants to deliver the product and go immediately, but there is a sensitive issue. Cargo package should not be signed before receiving your cargo package. Before signing the cargo log, please check whether the container of your product is damaged due to transport. If there is damage in the box for any reason, please return the box to keep a record of the delivery. Your new products will be sent by us immediately. Imagination is not responsible for the damage or deficiency of the products in the case of receipt of the damaged products.

Is the package delivered deformed?
If there is any doubt in the package brought by the cargo company that you think that any deformation or product in it may be damaged, open the package next to the cargo officer without signing the cargo form and check the physical condition of your orders. If you do not see any problems you may sign the transmit form. If you think that the products in the box are damaged in any way, please do not take delivery of the products and ask the cargo officer to send a cargo damage report (Please do not take the products).

Broken, crushed, broken or damaged delivery.
The duty of the cargo company is to deliver your shopping from safely and safely to the right person. If there is any damage to the product, you can go to the cargo branch and fix it. Once you have received the report with us, your change will be made immediately.

Contracted Cargo Dealers; Yurtiçi Cargo, UPS Cargo, ARAS Cargo, MNG Cargo.