All products are under the warranty of the manufacturer unless otherwise stated. Please check the product during cargo delivery in order to guarantee warranty conditions. When you see a damage, keep a record and do not get the product. Changes to the product, deforming of the product or deterioration of the original design of the product are not covered by the warranty.


If the product(s) you send for replacement is unused, uncleaned, without any modification, accessories, if any gift, if any (undamaged) at the latest within 14 days from the date you receive the delivery (time for the product is 24 hours) You can send the two copies of the invoices by filling in the full payment with the cargo company (Yurtiçi Kargo). All shipping charges (except for the campaign products) belong to our company.

If you have received the product you have requested after the product is available in our stock within 48 hours by making changes to your address will be sent without shipping fee, if the product is not available in our inventory by customer service will be exchanged with another product or refund will be made.

Our design and evening dress models will be accepted if they are exchanged or returned but delivered on the same day.

Note: If the product(s) you have sent for exchange has come more than 14 days, used, lost the merchantability, damaged baggage (if any), prepaid, (if available) without accessories or gifts; the product will not be accepted, you will be sent back to you with payment against the payment.

If you want to send the product/products you send for exchange with a shipping company that we are not contracted to, you must pay the shipping cost. Otherwise, the product will return to you without acceptance.

Shipping costs except the Campaign products in the exchanges belongs to us. In case of second exchange requests, the shipping charge belongs to the buyer. No change can be made after the second change and your refund will be processed.

Change Address:

TMB Bilişim Turizm İnşaat ve Sanayi Ticaret Limited Şirketi, Cumhuriyet Mah. Menteşe Sk No:7 34100 ÜSKÜDAR İstanbul/Turkey 


You can return it within 14 days from the date of delivery if you want to return the product you ordered for any reason after the delivery. This period is 24 hours. Campaigned products are only refundable.

The box, packaging and standard accessories, if any, are to be returned to us in the package you have returned to us in a complete and undamaged form, and the product must be maintained again (unmodified, uncontaminated, etc.)

After submitting your return, please keep your shipping code from the shipping company. It can be requested from you if necessary. Once you have received the product, your return is initiated and completed within 3 to 5 business days.

You will be refunded your order with Bank / Credit Card. For your payment on the door, you must provide the 26-digit IBAN number starting with TR for refund and the name and surname of the IBAN owner on the return request form.

Note: If the product subject to the refund is carried out by transferring the two invoices, original box and packaging, all the accessories sent, filling the form completely and making the payment by wire transfer or payment at the door, please complete the return process quickly; You must fill out and sign the account information (name of the account holder, bank account number, bank name, branch name or code) and IBAN information (signed in accordance with the Tax Procedure Law no. 385).  Without paying the shipping fee, the buyer should pay by domestic shipping, as the payment.

The price of the returned products/products, from the moment the products reach our warehouse; checking the conformity of the product with the return conditions; For the orders received by credit card, the shipping fee is deducted and the remaining amount will be returned to your credit card. However, if your purchase is made in installments, your bank will reflect the return to your statement in installments. For the return transactions after the delivery of the products received with the option of payment at the door; The normal return procedures stated above are valid and if there is no defect in the product, then the Door Service Payment Fee and shipping fee will be deducted and returned to you by deducting the total cost of the shopping. After the return of the product/products to our warehouse and check the conformity of the return conditions, the product price will be refunded.

Return Address:

TMB Bilişim Turizm İnşaat ve Sanayi Ticaret Limited Şirketi, Cumhuriyet Mah. Menteşe Sk No:7 34100 ÜSKÜDAR İstanbul/Turkey